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Benefits of purchasing your license from us

  • We include a $12 PROMO code good for digital downloads @ Miss Kate Cuttables to say thank you!
  • You will be supporting a family-owned and operated small business.
  • Your download code will be emailed to you almost instantly!
  • We keep a record of your Silhouette Studio DE Plus Code so if you ever lose it, simply email and we can send it to you.

(To ensure you receive the codes please add: to your email contact list. Please note for digital codes 2 emails will be sent, an order confirmation and an email containing the DE code & $12 PROMO code. The DE code is Non-Refundable.)

Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Plus is a version of the Silhouette Studio® software program which users may upgrade to. It is intended for users who want to unlock and explore further design features the program can offer.

Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Plus includes all of the capabilities of the Basic and Designer Editions of the Silhouette Studio software. It is not a completely different program but rather an upgraded version of the Silhouette Studio® program that can be purchased (at a suggested retail price of $74.99 USD).

If you are already in possession of the Designer Edition, a Designer to Designer Plus upgrade key can be purchased for the upgraded price difference ($25) here.

A comparison chart showing the differences between all Silhouette Studio upgrade options may be found here.

Please see the links below for further information on the features included with the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Plus software.

***Note: Some of these features are available in older versions of Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Plus; however, tool icons, display, and user interface may differ from the videos below:

Advanced Rhinestone features

Additional tutorials and videos can be found at the links in the signature below. 

To have access to all of these features, please first ensure you are using the latest version of Silhouette Studio, which can be updated here. If you have not yet purchased the Designer Edition Plus, you may do so here.

How to Apply the Designer Edition Plus Code

To upgrade to the Designer Edition Plus version of the Silhouette Studio, please do the following:

  1. Update to the latest version of Silhouette Studio® software
  2. Open the Silhouette Studio software
  3. Go to the Help menu
  4. Select the option to Upgrade Silhouette Studio... 
  5. Enter the following
    • Designer Edition Plus license key
    • User Name
    • Password
  6. Click on the Submit button

The license will be applied to your account and Silhouette Studio® software.

How to redeem your $12 PROMO Code

You also receive a $12 PROMO Code to  Make sure you use the entire balance in one transaction, it will not carry a balance and cannot be adjusted if you leave anything unused. 

 *The promo code is good for digital downloads from only.   You CANNOT purchase Credit Vouchers with a PROMO code.

If you are having problems with the PROMO code there are a few things you can try.

- make sure you copy and paste the code into the PROMO box and ensure there are no blank spaces at the beginning or end of the code.
- if you happened to put it in the Gift Certificate box, you need to clear your cookies and cache, then you can put in the PROMO code box.  You can also try a different browser, I like Google Chrome or Firefox.

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